Eristoff Digital App Promo

Custom Web App

Locales: UK & Austria

Executive Summary

  • Eristoff Vodka wanted to run a competition via a bespoke web application in the UK & Germany simultaneously.
  • Whilst at SPIKA, Pooj oversaw the complete scoping of the project from a technical and marketing point of view, created SOW's and Project Management the build and all agencies involved. He oversaw the deployment in various countries and support over a 4 month period to ensure the promotion for Eristoff Vodka was a success. He managed multiple agencies and teams globally to achieved this goal.
  • The bespoke application involved multiple agencies regarding website builds, application builds, design, copy and marketing. Development languages and CMS' included WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, Java and JavaScript.

Project Scoping

  • Discussions with the stakeholders at Eristoff Vodka in the UK & Austria regarding the goal of this project and ROI. Producing a detailed technical scope of the project application development for the business with stakeholders and other parties involved.
  • Working to set budgets and time constraints. Acting as Business Analyst for the brand and create the SOW.

Project Planning

  • Creating a project plan using various methodologies to ensure a thorough timeline and road map. Working with multiple Digital, technical and marketing agencies to align goals and launch dates in various countries.
  • The custom Web Application was need last-minute and required a very tight timeline to achieve the goal.

Project Management & Stakeholder Management

  • Managing the project on a day-to-day basis to ensure that timelines, sprints and budgets are on target as per agreed spec. Problem solving technical issues that arise and working as a Project Manager, Scrum Master and Product Owner to ensure that the project runs smoothly.
  • Working with other agencies, attending meetings and keeping stakeholders up-to-date with progress and any foreseen issues on the horizon and possible solutions.

Project Deployment

  • Ensuring that the new Web Application meets the stakeholders requirements via figures, QA and UAT phases. Working with senior directors and managers at the brand to ensure that they were happy with the end result.
  • Once sure, deploying the Digital application on the Brand's various country-specific (locale) websites and running the campaign for them with regular updates on entrants, Instant winners and losers and stats over a 3 month period.

Post-Deployment Support

  • Supporting the brand in the UK and Austria to ensure that the application created is working as intended. Provided weekly updates on entrants in each country, problem solving issues that occur and assisting with the application stages.
  • Working with senior members to ensure winners were contacted and end of promo reports provided for ROI assessment.